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Gmail Google+ Calendar Web more 'Lures' COMPLAINT (SIGNIFICANT STATE AND FEDERAL STATUTES & REGULATION NONCOMPLIANCE)/Fwd: atty general complaint sent regarding misconduct( SAME ATTORNERY SAME FIRM WITH KNOWLEDGE OF PRIOR CASES- to Report Lawyer Misconduct--Duty to Supervise--Responsibilities of Members of Law Firm Management Committees; These statutes include: Section 210401 of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 (Police Misconduct Provision), 42 U.S.C. § 14141, which authorizes the Department to file suit challenging a pattern or practice of misconduct by law enforcement officers (or employees of any governmental agency with responsibility for the administration of juvenile justice or the incarceration of juveniles) that deprives persons of constitutional or federal statutory rights; Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 42 U.S.C. § 2000d et seq., which prohibits recipients of federal financial assistance (including l Inbox Sheila Shaw to pennsylvania, Ombudsman, tips, +5 Mar 28, 2014Details (SIGNIFICANT STATE AND FEDERAL STATUTES & REGULATION NONCOMPLIANCE) Absent the CPI's (Felicia Handley) Central Abuse Record or affidavits of any MANDATORY ABUSE REPORTS (the guidelines and system wide standards of practice relative to federal reporting are set forth in the following published documentation ((CPI 5617503201,COLOR OF LAW, RISS USED TO ASSIST CRIMINAL NONSUPPORT

Records Search logo Toggle navigation Print2002-DR-050423-I : SHAW, SHEILA J vs. COLEMAN, JIMMY L Case Header Case Type: Income Deduction Order Date Filed: 3/9/2002 Location: Family UCN: 482002DR050423A001IX Judge: Status: Closed - Non SRS Citation Number: Appear By Date: Parties Name Type Attorney Atty Phone SHEILA J SHAW Petitioner JIMMY L COLEMAN Jr Respondent Charge Details Offense Date Charge Plea Arrest Disposition Sentence Docket Events Document Status: = Public = VOR = Confidential = Sealed = Request Pending. Date Description Pages Doc Request Doc 6/11/2008 Notice of Need for Redirection 5/29/2008 Notice of Change of Address 5/29/2008 Notice Termination of IV-D Services 5/8/2008 Notice Termination of IV-D Services 4/30/2008 Notice of Need for Redirection 3/19/2007 Notice of Change of Address 11/15/2006 Notice of Change of Address 8/29/2005 Notice of Change of Address 5/17/2005 Notice of Change of Address 4/18/2005 Notice of Change of Address 12/28/2004 Notice of Change of Address 7/13/2004 Notice of Change of Address 5/18/2004 Notice of Change of Address 5/17/2004 Notice of Change of Address 5/5/2004 Notice of Change of Address 3/23/2004 Conversion 1/6/2004 Notice of Change of Address 11/24/2003 Notice of Change of Address 11/19/2003 Notice of Change of Address 11/4/2003 Notice of Need for Redirection 12/10/2002 Case Reassigned to Division 10/18/2002 Notice of Change of Address 3/9/2002 Income Deduction Order 3/9/2002 Order Closing/Disbursing Funds 3/9/2002 Order VOR (Viewable on Request) Certain case documents contain sensitive or personally identifiable information that must be manually redacted before they are viewable by the general public. Documents listed in the Docket Events section as VOR are public documents that require further redaction by Clerk staff before they can be viewed. Follow the steps below to request access to these documents: Check the Request Doc checkbox for the document you wish to view. You may repeat this for other VOR documents on the same case. Once all document requests have been made for this case, click the Submit button. A confirmation screen will display, where you will be asked to enter or confirm your email address to finalize your request. You will receive an initial email notification to confirm your request, followed by additional email notifications as requested documents become available. The Clerk’s office makes every effort to complete these requests in a timely manner. For definitions of document types, please refer to our glossary. Hearings Date Hearing Time Location Pages Doc Financial Date Description Payer Amount Balance Due: 0 Bonds Description Status Date Bond Status Image Amount Warrants Number Status Description Issue Date Service Date Recall Date Expiration Date Warrant Type Help & Support FAQ Glossary of Terms Contact Support View Our Privacy Statement my eclerk logo © Copyright 2017 Orange County Clerk of Courts All rights reserved Build V. Follow Us... Twitter Facebook Newsletter Email

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