Monday, 9 January 2017

ATTORNEY MISCONDUCT/ASSISTING CRIMINAL NONSUPPORT & CHILD SUPPORT RECOVERY ACT VIOLATIONSNon-Support of a Dependent” is a Class 6 felony,) FEDERAL CHILD SUPPORT COLLECTION LAWS, SOCIAL SECURITY ACT 654,655,666,NEGLIGENCE, ASSISTING JUDICIAL MISCONDUCT,BUSINESS TORT LAW VIOLATIONS Duty to report misconduct; code of conducthttps://!/pages/Duty-to-report-misconduct/136147606416830?fref=ts&rf=144393985578228 ( TORT LAW: A tort is a civil wrong resulting from a violation of a legal right not created by contract for which monetary redress is provided. This may be (a) an act or (b) an omission. More formally, a tort may be defined as a wrongful act or omission arising in the course of social re ships other than contracts which violates a person's legally protected rights for which the law provides a remedy in the form of an action for damages.

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