Monday, 9 January 2017

Misconduct involving, "Non-Support of a Dependent” is a Class 6 felony, " (IV-D case 53 C07-9704-JP-00189 482002DR050423A001IX/Register of Actions Case No. 2002-DR-050423-I) CASE INFORMATION information regarding Philadelphia Courts CUSTODY PASCES CASE NUMBER 0C9901243 GOOGLE DOC RELATED CASE NUMBERS Florida case number 020050423 1143191595 IVD Transmittal Absent Administrative Action throughout case registries in Orange County Florida, Misconduct involving FL DEPT. REVENUE CHILD SUPPORT DIVISION AND FL DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES Crosslisted court entries Jimmy Lee Coleman, Jr. State of Indiana vs. Jimmy L Coleman 02D04-9004-CM-009100 Court Allen Superior Court 5 Case Type CM - Criminal Misdemeanor Filed 04/03/1990 Status 08/22/1990, Decided Charges MINOR CONSUMING ALCOHOL Parties State of Indiana, Coleman Filed 04/03/1990 State of Indiana vs. Jimmy L Coleman 02D04-8911-IF-027943 Court Allen Superior Court 5 Case Type IF - Infraction Filed 11/22/1989 Status 06/11/1990, Decided Charges NO OP. LICENSE IN POSS'N Parties State of Indiana, Coleman Street Address City Name on phone Phone # 1 491 SHURS LN PHILADELPHIA, PA 19128 COLEMAN J (215) 508-9505 (215) 508-9505 2 7255 FAIRFAX RD BLOOMINGTON, IN 47401 3 4355 FLEMING ST 1 PHILADELPHIA, PA 19128 4 4301 FLEMING ST APT 1F PHILADELPHIA, PA 19128 5 PO BOX 5214 BLOOMINGTON, IN 47407 6 120 KIMBLE DR TRLR 20A BLOOMINGTON, IN 47404 7 4105 HANNA ST FORT WAYNE, IN 46806 8 PO BOX 5551 BLOOMINGTON, IN 47407 9 779 MERRITT ISLAND CSWY # 80 MERRITT IS, FL 32952 10 779 MERRITT ISLAND CSWY APT 580 MERRITT IS, FL 32952 11 5402 30TH ST APT D6 TUCSON, AZ 85711 12 2524 STARDALE DR FORT WAYNE, IN 46816 13 4907 HANNA ST FORT WAYNE, IN 46806 14 1107 ILLINOIS ST BLOOMINGTON, IN 47404 BELL J B (812) 334-9796 (812) 334-9796 15 612 GRANT ST APT 9 BLOOMINGTON, IN 47408 16 300 MATLOCK RD APT 37 BLOOMINGTON, IN 47408 17 PO BOX 6902 BLOOMINGTON, IN 47407 18 612 GRANT ST APT BLOOMINGTON, IN 47401 19 3706 PARK DR FORT WAYNE, IN 46806 Brandon Bruce (260) 745-9728 (260) 745-9728 20 ASHTON HERSHEY 205 BLOOMINGTON, IN 47406 21 EDMONDSON COLLINS BLOOMINGTON, IN Crosslisted Court Entries CITY V COLEMAN Case Number 53C06-9507-OV-00465 Court Monroe Circuit Court 6 Type OV - Local Ordinance Violation Filed 07/19/1995 Status 09/24/1996 , Decided Parties to the Case Show all party details Defendant Coleman, Jimmy L Ordinance Plaintiff State of Indiana Charges Show all charge details 01 07/19/1995 PARKING VIOLATION Chronological Case Summary 07/19/1995 Converted Event Complaint for Violation of City Ordinance filed for the amount of $54.00 and costs. Summons issued by Certified Mail for hearing on AUGUST 29, 1995 at 8:30 a.m. (c) GN RJO: N Notice: M 08/29/1995 Converted Event Hearing held;judgment order issued in favor of the plaintiff for the sum of $ BENCH scjd 9 pg 525 RJO: Y Notice: M 08/29/1995 COLLECTION HEARING Session: 8:30 AM, Judicial Officer: Galvin, Stephen R 08/06/1996 REDOCKET Verified Motion in Proceedings Supplemental filed. Order to Appear (RJO) issued by Certified Mail for hearing on SEPTEMBER 12, 1996 at at 4:00 p.m.. GN RJO: Y Notice: N 08/12/1996 Converted Event Proof of Certified Mail returned on Jimmy L. Coleman. lm RJO: N Notice: A 09/12/1996 Converted Event Defendant fails to appear for Proceeding Supplemental Hearing; Writ of Attachment issued, cash only in defendant's name only. dm RJO: N Notice: A 09/12/1996 PROCEEDING SUPPLEMENTAL Session: 4:00 PM, Judicial Officer: Galvin, Stephen R 09/24/1996 Converted Event Comes now the Plaintiff and files Release of Judgment. The Court directs the Clerk to show on the margin of the Judgment Docket that said Judgment is satisfied and released. nih RJO: N Notice: N 09/24/1996 Converted Event Order of Dismissal issued by Court; Warrant Cancellation Order issued. REDOCKET/DISMISSED nb RJO: Y Notice: A 09/24/1996 Converted Event Received Notice of Judgment Paid in Full filed by Clerk. nb RJO: N Notice: N 12/14/2007 Judgment / Will Book Entry Last known Judgment Book entries for 53C06-9507-OV-00465: Book: 9 Page: 525

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