Monday, 5 December 2016

The address where the owner claims multiple burglaries and parts thefts occurred at the principal address is 5240 W Colonial Dr., Orlando, FL 32808. Owner, Omar Riley alledges after receiving payments for auto repairs on my vehicle for over two yrs, and including the new parts on the vehicle when I brought the car in to him for service, that the vehicle was towed away by a division of Orange County City Code Enforcement whereas he supposedly also was storing the replavement part, a catalytic converter valued at over $1000, it was also in the vehicle but hadn't. Been installed after the most recent installations of a $200 K9 Security system and other engine parts I paid him to install535i BMW WBAHD2317K2091635 RICO/Vehicle Theft/Auto Parts,original owner/seller Frank Furino the Owner of MAACO 917 Mercy Dr, Orl,FL32808. The BMW WAS REMOVED FROM THE FOLLOWING LOCATION AFTER REPORTED INSURANCE CLAIMS REGARDING THEFT OF PARTS OFF THE VEHICLE WHILE BEING REPAIRED AT THE SHOP, INSURANCE PAYMENTS COLLECTED BY OMAR RILEY AFTER SEVERAL THOUSAND DOLLARS IN REPAIRS HAD BEEN PAID TO MR. RILEY FROM THE MECHANIC WORK ON THREE VEHICLES STARTING IN JANUARY OF 2008. Detail by Entity Name Florida Profit Corporation STAGE 3 AUTOMOTIVE, INC Filing Information Document Number P14000090694 FEI/EIN Number 47-1810028

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